Create Timeless Works of Natural Art

Now you can bring the incredible beauty of a 50-million-year-old piece of nature into your home. Designing with fossil fish is similar to using traditional tile or rock. Stunning designs for contemporary or rustic interiors can be created using a single, continuous slab — or by using multiple smaller tiles to create a mosaic. Either way, a backsplash, counter or vanity top created from our fossilized limestone becomes a timeless work of functional art. All at a cost comparable to high-end stone or tile.

  • Kitchen & Bathroom Backsplashes
  • Bar & Island Tops
  • Showers
  • Counter & Vanity Tops
  • Wall Art
  • Tables
  • Fireplaces

Discover Nature’s Fossil Factory

Our fossil fish come from family-owned quarries outside of Kemmerer, Wyoming, home to Fossil Butte National Monument and Fossil Lake. This area is collectively known as The Green River Formation, an ancient lake bed that spanned what is now parts of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. Some 50 million years ago, this vast series of freshwater lakes teemed with fish, tropical plants and reptiles.

As they died, prehistoric fish settled deep into oxygen-poor areas of the lakes, where their remains were not easily disturbed by scavengers. Over the millennium, calm waters allowed fine-grained lake sediments to cover them. The result is exceptionally well-preserved fossils of a quality not found anywhere else. In fact, fossils from the world-renowned Green River Formation are on display in museums around the world.

Then: Subtropical freshwater lake

Today: Sagebrush desert

What Would You Like to Design?

No matter your dream, we can help you find the perfect fossils for your design project — and install them for you. Give Buzz Quintrell a call or send an email with more details.

Locations Served:

  • North Georgia (Blue Ridge, Blairsville, Ellijay & south to Atlanta)
  • Eastern Tennessee (Copperhill, Cleveland & Chattanooga)
  • Western North Carolina (Andrews, Murphy, Cherokee, Sylva & Asheville)



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